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You cannot see today's bookings online!


Wanna Play Tomorrow or Later? Book Online or Call Us!

NEW TIERED PRICING SYSTEM to fit groups of all sizes, big and small!

2 PLAYERS - $75

3 PLAYERS - $100

4 PLAYERS - $125

5 PLAYERS - $150

6 PLAYERS - $175

7 PLAYERS - $200

8 PLAYERS - $225

9 PLAYERS - $250

10 PLAYERS - $275

* Pricing does not apply to Around the World in 80 Minutes*

A Fair Fare without the Stranger Danger!

escape rooms are always private

we never pair you with the public

More exciting than bungee jumping into a lake of chocolate milk!

How to Escape a Room


choose your location & your theme from seven immersive  experiences inside a private room!

hourglass icon.png

your host pretends to lock you in that room for 60-ish minutes & you even get a photo!


look for clues & solve puzzles in order to complete your great escape!

Choose Your Adventure!



Escape Rooms


Escape Rooms

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