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Lemoyne Escape Rooms


Located in Lemoyne, Escape Games Live offers 2 amazing investigative experiences just minutes from Harrisburg & Hershey. EGL Lemoyne offers free parking and large private rooms for up to 10 players!

The Precinct






June 22, 1950 – Office of Captain Hoos N. Charge:

It’s a dark day for the city of Los Angeles. This new perpetrator is a different breed of criminal. We don’t know what drives our suspect except for a need for mayhem and a certain gleeful pride in the crime itself. My detectives are good at their job but I don’t even know if they can muster the talent to catch this mastermind before it’s too late.

I hired some outside help on this one because this scum needs to be brought in and served a steaming hot cup of L.A. Justice with a side of 20 to life without the possibility of dessert.

Sherlock's Office






It’s Elementary, My Dear Watson!

In Sherlock’s Office, Holmes, the world’s greatest detective, has left behind a series of challenges for Watson to tackle in one hour or less to prove he is not the “bumbling idiot” that Sherlock still believes him to be.  Don’t worry though, the challenges in here, while considerable, are not impossible. Ask yourself, do you have the skill to solve a room designed by Sherlock to test Watson and embark on this great adventure?


Sherlock’s looking for a few good minds.

Young Sherlock is designed for players ages 8-13 but is also a welcome option for adults to come and play with their kids as a family experience. Travel to 1800’s Victorian London and assist Sherlock in a series of puzzles to bring several outstanding criminals to justice. You will have to work together and work fast because Sherlock is not letting you out until you finish!

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