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A Parents Guide to Stress-Free Par-tay Planning

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

Ahh…children’s birthday parties. A time for fun, celebration, friends, family….stress, disappointment, second-guessing, last-second changes and not one ounce of appreciation for everything you have done to plan and execute this party! At least it would be if you didn’t come to Escape Games Live.

That’s right friends, Escape Games Live NEW party packages provide a full-service party experience. All you have to do is say “yup” (or yes… could even be an “absolutely,” basically any response that is in the positive. We aren’t picky). Curious what this is about? Good! I will tell you. I was going to anyway…

How Escape Games Live Par-tays

A kid’s party package gives your group just under 3 hours at our new York location with the usage of our new private party space, The Playroom. That means you have a place to set up any food you wish to bring, open gifts, have cake, and basically party it up! Looking to really party it up? Well, Escape Games Live has you covered there too. Your group can choose from a series of activities designed by us to entertain and show the kids a great time for their special day.

Options, Options, Options

First up is the “Young Sherlock” escape room. We took our existing “Sherlock’s Office” and swapped some of the puzzles for ones that are more engaging for a younger group. The suggested age range is 8-12 but as the parents or adults in the group, you should feel free to play with them as the room is completely family-friendly. Young versions of “The Jungle” and “Mad Doctor” will also be available soon!

Maybe the kids are into weird challenges involving common items and a timer. If a mix of goofy individual challenges like moving goldfish with nothing but a straw strikes your fancy then you should engage in our “Minute to Win It” style challenges. We fill about 45 minutes of your time with awesome and engaging challenges that players can compete for points and bragging rights.

In contrast to the quick-hitting nature of the Minute to Win It offerings we also have an option to engage in longer structured game show style fun that we call “Parlour Games”. These are structured to be more involved and played by teams of people rather than being mixed between a team and individual challenges. Parlour Games are also guided by one of your dedicated hosts that will be the Alex Trebek to your Jeopardy.

Our full par-tay package lets you pick two of these options for entertainment for your guests as well as access to The Playroom for the duration of the party and some options to not only order food from some local delivery places but catering options as well. If none of that tickles your fancy just bring your own. Or don’t have food. Be a pioneer! At any rate, we take much of the planning and executing the party out of your hands and leave you with the hardest job of all. Enjoying yourself. Check out our website, and book your kid’s party with us!

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