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Anatomy of a Room: Sherlock’s Office

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

It’s the longest-running room at Escape Games Live…

It continues to be one of our most popular…

That’s right everyone, today we are going to be talking about Sherlock’s Office. Let’s get started breaking down this fan-favorite and take a look at the anatomy of Sherlock’s Office. 

The Basics

Sherlock’s Office has been through some changes over the years and we’ve recently added a kids version to it. This room is designed to reflect an office used by Sherlock Holmes in the 1800’s Victorian London. Players collectively take on the role of Dr. John Watson who has been locked in this office by Sherlock because let’s face it… Sherlock’s kind of a jerk. The reason for this impromptu lock-in is so Sherlock can test Watson’s wits to see if he has learned anything in the years they have been working together. A friendly bit of fun between friends and colleagues. Solve everything in the prescribed time and you win your freedom and have matched wits with one of history’s greatest detectives.

The Details

Our Sherlock room boasts a fantastic array of props and furniture that will take you back in time and immerses you in the Sherlockian world right away. There is a lot to explore in the room and attention to detail is a must. If you’re going to beat Sherlock’s challenges you better have an eye for detail and a nose for mystery.

There are several things that I love about this room. One is that in some ways, the puzzles are more elaborate than in our other rooms. This directly reflects the character of Sherlock throughout your experience. The atmosphere of the office is also perfect for digging right in and getting to the meat of the room with a wonderful blend of relaxing atmosphere with period sensibility. 

The Surprises

Obviously, I am not going to spill any of the beans because the surprises we built into the experience I think are some of the very best we have done so far. They have really delighted our players, which makes me smile. It should make you smile too. Go ahead, try it, give us a smile. See how that feels? Now imagine playing fun games with friends for an hour and getting to do that at the end of it. Awesome, right?

While this may be one of our oldest rooms it is in no way losing steam. In September we began offering a “Young Sherlock” experience by changing out some of the puzzles for ones with a different theme. This allows kids to play by themselves (ages 8-12) or for families to play together without feeling like the kids are left behind. It’s also perfect for some of those kid parties we are offering! 

Either way, young or old, there is no doubt Sherlock’s Office is a great experience for any age. Come try it out. Watson needs you. It’s not like he can do this by himself. The guy is smart but he’s just one guy.         

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