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All About the Mad World of the Mad Doctor

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

Our York location has moved into their new digs and it is back to business as usual at Escape Games Live. Since the move, we have made a few changes to the current lineup of escape rooms. The 70’s room and Mojo’s museum have both been retired (insert sadness here). The Precinct has a new home in our Lemoyne location (insert happy dance here). We also have a new addition to York: The Mad Doctor.

The Mad Doctor is not the same old doctor you knew in Lemoyne. What was, at one time, our creepy room, has since undergone some changes. Allow me to give you an inside look at the room and what makes it such a great playthrough at Escape Games Live.

The 411 on the Doc

For starters, the theme itself is much friendlier. You, the players, are graduating students from the University of Maniacally Ambitious Doctors. This is otherwise known as UMAD University. A college for mad science has very few differences from other colleges, save for the collection of previously failed mascots and a lab dedicated to the refinement of mad laughter.

Like any college student, you want to graduate. To do this you will need to earn your “Doctorate of Doom”, which is yours upon completion of your final exam. I can hear you already… “what is the final exam?” That’s an excellent question and I am very glad you asked. The final exam is the room. That’s right, all you have to do to graduate is to complete the room within the time limit. Do that and you can begin your career in earnest combining weird animal breeds together and creating different ways to make people taste nothing but licorice.

Who Should Play?

Short answer: everyone. The Mad Doc is a super fun room that combines our usual brand of constructed in-house puzzles with some new surprises not found in any of our other rooms. Keeping the doctor’s theme there may be something leaning toward the medical or the mad. This room is not only a more whimsical offering but also fun for a wide variety of ages.

More *exclusive* good news: we will be offering a future version of the room for kids as well. You heard it here first, folks.

Clearly, I can’t tell you about everything you are going to find in there just in this post. What I can tell you, is you will have a grand time bending your brains and trying to stay ahead of the time to earn your victory and your certificate. This is a more forgiving room than some of our other ones but plenty of challenge awaits. If you are in the room and your 60 minutes concludes it’s fine. Just ignore the gas. We have to keep the student body moving somehow right?

Ready to schedule your appointment with the Mad Doc? You can do that right here.

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