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York or Bust! We’re Movin’ on Up

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

Hello again friends! In case you have not heard Escape Games Live is moving our York location. Don’t worry. We are going a significantly shorter distance than what it takes to throw a ring in a volcano. We will be located next to the Codorus bridge on West market street, still in downtown York. Consider yourselves updated. What this means is that new things are happening and I am taking some time to make you aware of what is coming up and what you can expect from us. Here are the highlights:

Private Parties and Private Spaces

If you have booked a party with us and had an awesome time then thank you! An improvement in the current formula is that we will now be able to offer you a private space for your gathering without having people going through the space to get to their games! Just you and the people you invited. We are also going to be offering some very entertaining packages that will include a variety of activities that can be in addition to or without one of our Escape Rooms!  

For the record, the answer to the question of “man where are we going to have our holiday party this year?” has just been answered. You’re welcome!

Curated VR Experiences

That’s right, we are adding virtual reality. Your group will have the ability to book our VR playspace just like you would book one of our Escape Rooms and have up to four headsets ready to go on heads and put you in whatever world you want to go to. Play together in multiplayer games or go solo with a massive list of available games and visual experiences that can fit into anyone’s tastes. You will have access to snacks, drinks and a dedicated host that will walk you through putting on the headset and navigating the VR space if you’re new or just there to make your experience fun if you are a vet. Keep your eye out as we will be demoing this at different locations throughout York. 

The Big Switch

Since we have 2 locations we thought, “Hey, we have 2 locations. We should share.” So along with our re-opening here we will be switching locations and sending our Precinct room up to Lemoyne while bringing our Mad Doctor room down to York. Was Lemoyne too far to go? Did travel just not work out? Did you know we had 2 locations? How many questions can I ask at one time? Whatever the case you will be able to experience the Mad Doctor room down here in York once we reopen!  

Those of you in Lemoyne that were waiting for a new room at Escape Games Live can now tackle the Precinct and have a whole new reason to visit Escape Games Live again!

Ok, Breathe

These are some of the major things coming for our initial opening. We have plans coming up to continue to add new options as time goes. We are looking to not only continue to provide you with awesome escape room experiences but also want to provide a family entertainment hub for you to come to again and again for something new and exciting. I could tell you everything but then I might disappear in an unexplained fashion and that would make my family sad, so I can’t spill everything.  

I’m serious, I can’t… Stop looking at me like that… Puppy dog eyes don’t work on me… Ok, I’m leaving… I’m going right now… Not saying anything new… Quests.

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